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Basic Industrial Fluid Power

Course Objective

The Basic Industrial Fluid Power Course will provide you a strong fundamental understanding of the basic principles of hydraulics, the functions of various components within a hydraulics system, basic system design, schematic symbols, troubleshooting sequences, and system safety that can be applied in the work place. We place a lot of emphasis on making certain that our training is the highest quality you will find anywhere.

Course Outline

Session 1: Introduction to Hydraulics, Hydraulic systems, Graphic Symbols, Principles of Power Hydraulics, Including pressure, flow, force, mechanical advantage and hydraulic fluids
Session 2: Schematics, Cylinders, Motors, Rotary Actuators
Session 3: Directional Control Valves
Session 4: Pressure Controls, Flow Controls
Session 5: Pumps and Accessories
Session 6: Reservoirs, Piping and Fluids
Session 7: Servo Proportional Valves
Session 8: Trouble shooting, Hydraulic circuits, Review