Integration and Assembly

Integration and Assembly

Circuits requiring several components can often be advantageously packaged in compact and efficient assemblies. This offers numerous advantages such as a reduction of piping and fittings, minimizing space and the opportunity for leakage, decreasing assembly and installation time, and increasing serviceability. Oftentimes integrated control packages can be placed directly at the actuator.

Integrated packages can include not only the fluid power components themselves, but HMI components and controls.

Fluid Power, Inc. delivers integrated solutions that provide the best value in meeting the requirements of the applications. Individual components are selected from a broad array of manufacturers to optimize the integrated package.

The integrated solution can be completely custom, or modular, which can be a more cost effective option for low volume applications. In-house machining capability allows for the customization of standard modular components.

Components for custom integrated packages may be stocked for rapid assembly and shipment in support of customer just-in-time delivery requirements.

Fluid Power solutions are successfully serving many industries including Agriculture, Chemical, Construction, Electronics, Fire Fighting and Rescue, Food Processing, Forestry, Machine Tool, Marine, Material Handling, Metal Forming, Mining, Oil Field, Paper, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, and Utility.