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Milwaukee Cylinder

Introducing: The Milwaukee Cylinder EST (Electronic Service Tag™)

Milwaukee Cylinder has begun providing an EST (Electronic Service Tag™ ) with every new H, MH, LH, and A series cylinder shipment.

This tag is a combination QR Code/NFC tag that allows specific cylinder information to be accessed through the use of a cell phone. This can be invaluable to a maintenance team that needs to quickly obtain a quotation for a seal kit for that specific cylinder, or even a quotation for a replacement cylinder, all at the push of a button.

Additional information available includes, but is not limited to, manufacturing date, model number, bore, stroke, mount style, operating pressure, and tie rod torque.

The tag may be read by scanning the QR code with the camera of a smart phone. Or touch an NFC Technology equipped cell phone to the tag. Either method will provide a link to the cylinder’s information at Milwaukee.

The tag is designed for use in industrial environments, with a temperature range of -31°F to +194°F. The redundant NFC can be used if the QR code is unreadable due to dirt. Simply place the tag in a location that is readable by a cell phone.

Please contact Fluid Power, Inc. for more information on this exciting product enhancement.

EST - Electronic Service Tag™ Promotional Literature

Electronic Service Tag   

Milwaukee Cylinder

Cylinders with ARC™ Technology from Milwaukee Cylinder

Fluid Power, Inc. is pleased to announce the upcoming availability of Cylinders with ARC™ Technology from Milwaukee Cylinder. This is a proprietary valve technology built into the cylinder piston that allows oil to bypass the piston at end of stroke. When the cylinder is not at end of stroke, the valves close, allowing the cylinder to achieve full force and speed.

Cylinders with this technology may be advantageously deployed in applications exposed to excessive heat, and/or where there are long plumbing lines between the cylinder and hydraulic power unit. Fresh, cool oil is allowed to circulate through the cylinder, replacing warm stagnant oil, at the end of every cylinder stroke. ARC™ can also be used to deaerate a cylinder, and thereby improve cylinder response.

Milwaukee Cylinder indicates that cylinder lives of 25% or greater may be achieved using this technology. Milwaukee is extending an extended warranty as part of the product introduction.

Please contact FPI for more information on this new product.

ARC™ - Automatic Recirculating Cylinder Promotional Literature

ARC™ - Automatic Recirculating Cylinder Guarantee Promotion

Milwaukee Cylinder

Introducing: The Milwaukee Cylinder QUICK-SHIP Program

QUICK-SHIP Program: When your process in not functioning correctly, or even worse, when it is down, you need a quick solution. With the QUICK-SHIP program, cylinders that are critical to your operations will ship in 5 days* or less. Manage less inventory while keeping your operations up and running. Get the cylinders you need, when you need them. See the chart below for cylinders included in this program.

Emergency Service: When you need cylinders faster, contact your Milwaukee Cylinder distributor for emergency service. Cylinders can be shipped faster, including, in some cases, 48 hours or less. Call our Fluid Power Product Specialist for availability. 215.643.0350. (Expedite fees may apply).

* Order your “5 Working Days or Less” cylinders by 12 PM Milwaukee time, and your cylinders will ship in 5 working days or less. Example: Order on Monday at 11 AM, and your cylinders will ship on Friday.

QUICK-SHIP program Inclusion Chart:


5 Working Days or Less*

  • Quantity up to 6
  • Bore Diameter up to 6 in
  • 1st and 2nd Rod Diameter
  • All Standard Mounts 1) 2)
  • All Standard Ports
  • All Rod End Styles
  • Single and Double Rod End
  • Stroke up to 36 in
  • Total Rod Length up to 48 in
    (Stroke + Rod Extension)

10 Working Days or Less*

  • Quantity up to 2
  • Bore Diameter up to 8 in
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Rod Diameter
  • All Mounts 2)
  • All Standard & Welded Coupling Ports
  • All Rod End Styles
  • Single and Double Rod End
  • Stroke up to 36 in
  • Total Rod Length up to 48 in
    (Stroke + Rod Extension)

1) Excludes welded couplings and H-Series 21/22/31/32 heavy mounts (5" & 6" bore).
2) Check availability on 73/74 mounts.
* Orders must be received prior to 12 PM Central Time

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